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Door Supervision

Quality Door Supervision for Public Houses, Clubs & Venues. Create a good first impression and build relationships with your customers by keeping them safe and secure on your premises.

At B-Secured we understand that the right Door Supervision can be the difference between a successful venue and a failed one. 

We successfully provide SIA Licensed Security Professionals for many Nightclubs, Pubs and more throughout the UK. 

Our aim is not only keep each and every venue safe but build a rapore with the owners and their customers. We provide a friendly and welcoming team that are ready to react at the first sign of trouble or distruption within our clients premises. 

If you are interested in B-Secured’s Door Supervision solution please do not hesitate to call 0800 197 27 88.

Types of Door Supervision

Take a look below at some of the types of  venues we can help with.


Quality Door Supervision for Public Houses centres on creating a good first impression, relationship building with your customers and upholding of your premises license. We will work with you to ensure that your venue is safe and secure and your customers have the best possible experience.


Our Door Supervision services for nightclubs centres on providing friendly, approachable and highly trained staff to ensure the safety of your customers and the security of your premises. We also offer added value in terms of management support and specialist security functions in line with your requirements.

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